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These books are available by mail, or from the Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame museum shop. An order form follows.

First Ladies of Michigan

By: Willah Weddon

From the historical perspective of Willah Weddon who reminds us that the elected leaders of Michigan have benefited profoundly from their spouses' partnership, as have the state's citizens. The stories she recounts are informative, entertaining and enlightening. 182 p., paper. Grades 7-Adult $14.95

Historic Women of Michigan

By: Rosalie Riegle Troester

Published by the Michigan Women's Studies Association, this anthology features nineteen women who are exceptional achievers and representatives of the women of their era. 257 p., cloth. Grades 7-Adult $16.95

Michigan Women: Firsts and Founders Vol. II

By: Rachel Brett Harley and Betty MacDowell

This volume. like the first volume, gives recognition to several hundred women who have been pioneers and pathfinders in entering fields once closed to women or in finding new ways of overcoming social, economic and political injustice. 182 p., paper. Grades 7-Adult $13.95

Words From Great Women

By: Great Quotations, Inc.

A compilation of over seventy quotations made by many great women, such as Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, and Anne Frank. 77 p., paper. Grades 6-Adult $7.95

Harriette Simpson Arnow: Critical Essays on Her Work

By: Haeja K. Chung

This collection of critical essays attempts to take stock of the earlier work on Arnow and to prompt new examination of this powerful and not-yet-fully-evaluated writer. 301 p., cloth. Grades 9-Adult $45.00

Trials and Triumphs: The Women of the American Civil War

By: Marilyn Mayer Culpepper

A look at women from both the North and South. A picture of the personal, economic and social impact of the American Civil War on the women's lives. 428 p., cloth. Grades 9-Adult $27.95

Susan B. Anthony: Woman Suffragist

By: Barbara Weisberg

A biography on the leader of the Nineteenth Century Women's Rights Movement, which includes background information on the time in which she lived and the people with whom she associated. Includes many photographs and timelines. 110 p., cloth. Grades 7-Adult $9.95

Tall Annie: A Biography

By: Virginia Law Burns

A narrative story by a Haslett, Michigan author, that recounts the life and contributions to the Twentieth Century labor battle during the copper miner's strike, in 1913, when she fought to stop the violation of human rights. 107 p., cloth. Grades 7-Adult $17.95

In The Way - A Novel of Love and Loss

By: Barbara J. Davis

Helmi, daughter of Finnish immigrants, struggled unceasingly to survive in the face of persecution, poverty and prejudice. Was the abuse that ensued an inevitable result of hard times? Emotional illness? Both? 321 p., paper. Grades 8-Adult $15.00

Michael's Story: The Story of A Burn Victim

By: Joan Brunette

What started out as a trek to the woods to make torches turned out to be a tragic ordeal for Michael Hickman, age 12. Michael's Story chronicles the accident and the stop-drop-and-roll method that saved his life and shares the heart-felt feelings of someone who has suffered from a preventable accident. 111 p., paper. Grades 5-Adult $6.95

Birchbark Belles

By: Larry B. Massie

Stories gathered together about thirty-one diverse women who had at least one thing in common, they experienced the Michigan Frontier. These individual stories appear as close to there original form as possible. 307 p., cloth. Grades 7-Adult $10.95

A Just Verdict: The Life Story of Caroline Bartlett Crane

By: O'Ryan Rickard

The life story of Caroline B. Crane from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who was one of the most significant women reformers to clean up social and sanitation problems in America's industrial cities during the early 1900's. 267 p. Grades 9-Adult $15.00 paper; $30.00 cloth

The Only Boobs in the House are Men

By: Maxine Berman

A veteran woman legislator lifts the lid on politics "Macho Style". She tells how she learned to play the game by the boy's rules, and then beat them at it - only to find out that the boys keep changing the rules. 140 p. Grades 8-Adult $9.95 paper; $14.95 cloth

A Powerful Voice for Seventy-Five Years

The League of Women Voters in Michigan: Its History

By: Diane M. Rockall

This monograph discusses the creation of the League of Women Voters of Michigan. This book tells of the founding of the League of Women Voters of the United States seventy-five years ago and the reasons for creation of the League at the state level. 113 p., paper. Grades 9-Adult $12.00

Michigan Press Women - today and yesterday

By: Willah Weddon

This book gives recognition to Michigan's press women, their struggles and their triumphs. 169 p., paper. Grades 8-Adult $14.95

Black Women in the Middle West: The Michigan Experience

By: Darlene Clark Hine

The historical experiences of Michigan black women, from the territorial phase to the post World War II era. 32 p., paper. Grades 7-Adult $10.00

True Colors - An Artist's Journey from Beauty Queen to Feminist

By: Patricia Hill Burnett

This is the story of a beauty-pageant winner who became the very model of a perfect upper-class housewife and mother, was a militant feminist who founded NOW in Michigan and is also a renowned portrait painter. This is the story of Patricia Hill Burnett. 188 p., cloth. Grades 9-Adult $29.95

Michigan Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc. (BPW)75 Years: The Courage to Change

By: Virginia R. Allan, Mary Esther Daddazio and Ila J. Smith

This book contains a timeline of the happenings within the BPW from the time of it's founding in 1912 to the present. An Appendix is included which elaborates the noted events with actual names and locations. Also contained is an actual reprint of a booklet that is now out of print entitled History of the Michigan Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc. by Helen C. Bower. 36 p., paper. Grades 9-Adult $10.00

Michigan's Marguerite de Angeli: The Story of Lapeer's Native Author-Illustrator

By: William Anderson

This book tells the life story and experiences of one of this century's foremost creators of children's books. She grew up in Lapeer, Michigan, where her name now graces many city buildings, such as the Marguerite de Angeli Library. She is the author of such children's books as Copper-Toed Boots, which first appeared in 1938. 60 p., paper. Grades 6-Adult $7.95

Glorying in Tribulation - The Lifework of Sojourner Truth

By: Erlene Stetson & Linda David

This book details Sojourner Truth's great contributions to the nineteenth-century abolitionist debate and the struggle for woman suffrage. 242 p., cloth. Grades 9-Adult $28.95

Emma Genevieve Gillette: Nature's Guardian Angel

By: Miriam E. Rutz

Genevieve, who was born in 1898 and raised in Lansing, Michigan, gained an early respect and love for the beauty of the woods and the preservation of it's natural surrounding. After her graduation from Michigan Agricultural College, she began her involvement in the preservation of not only Michigan State Parks, but also National Parks. An inspirational story of her strength and determination. 11 p., paper. Grades 4-8 $10.00

Notable American Women: Paper Dolls

By: Tom Tierney

Contains sixteen American women that range from innovators in the creative arts to trailblazers in business, sports and social work, along with a short summary of each of their accomplishments. 18 p., paper. Grades 5-8 $4.95

Famous American Women: Paper Dolls

By: Tom Tierney

Contains sixteen American women ranging from Pocahontas to Eleanor Roosevelt with a short summary of each of their accomplishments. 18 p., paper. Grades 5-8 $4.95

Famous African-American Women: Paper Dolls

By: Tom Tierney

Contains sixteen African-American women ranging from Sojourner Truth to Maya Angelou and a short summary of each of their accomplishments. 18 p., paper. Grades 5-8 $4.95

Lady from Savannah - The Life of Juliette Low (Founder of the Girl Scouts)

By: Gladys Denny Shultz and Daisy Gordon Lawrence

A biography of the founder of the Girl Guides,which later became known as the Girl Scouts. 383 p., paper. Grades 8-12 $12.95

Heroines of the American Revolution

By: Jill Canon

Action-filled coloring pages combine with full page biographies of many women who played important roles during the war. 48 p., paper. Grades 4-8 $3.95

Civil War Heroines

By: Jill Canon

Action-filled coloring pages combine with half-page biographies of many women who played important roles during the war. 56 p., paper. Grades 4-8 $3.95


Louisa May Alcott: Young Writer

Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield

Elizabeth Blackwell: The First Women Doctor

Amelia Earhart: Adventure in the Sky

Young Abigail Adams

Young Harriet Tubman

Young Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Heroine

Young Eleanor Roosevelt

These excellent biographies give young readers clear images of the sources of strength and inspiration these important women found during their childhoods. Many illustrations. 48 p., paper. Grades 3-6. $3.50 each

100 African Americans

By Chrisanne Beckner

These are one page descriptions of African-Americans who help shape American history from the 18th century through the 20th century.  109 p., paper.  Grades 7-12  $7.98

100 Women Who Shaped World History

By Gail M. Rolka

These are one page descriptions of women whose indomitable spirit and desire to excel changed the course of history. 109 p., paper.  Grades 7-12    $7.98

A Number of Things: The Year with Nature

By Margaret Drake Elliott

Reprints of articles originally published in the Muskegon Chronicle by the "Bird Lady" since 1931. 244 p., paper. Grades 8-Adult   $9.95

Big Annie of Calumet: A True Story of the Industrial Revolution

By Jerry Stanley

Annie Clemenc, the wife of a Croatian miner, played an important leadership role in the 1913 strike of coal miners against the powerful mining company. She led daily protest demonstrations and suffered beating and imprisonment: her courage continued against great odds and inspired others. 102 cloth, Grades 9-Adult  $19.00

Books by Marguerite de Angeli

  Copper Toed Boots - A beautifully illustrated story of a young boy's summer adventures in Lapeer County in the nineteenth century and how he came to acquire the two things he most wanted-a dog and a pair of copper-toed boots. 94 p., paper.   Grades 5-8  $15.95

  The Door in the Wall - An inspiring tale of triumph over handicap set in medieval England with unusually beautiful illustrations and authentic detail. 119 p. paper.  Grades 5-8  $4.50

  Yonie Wondernose - An Amish boy demonstrates his ability to accept responsibility as he heroically battles a fire on the family's farm. Winner of the Caldecott Honor. 37 p. paper.  Grades 3-6  $10.99







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