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February is African American History Month

Celebrate African American History Month with the Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame.

Ø      Prudence Burns Burrell will be speaking on Sunday February 17 at 2:00 pm about her experiences as Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps during WWII.  Her speech is guaranteed to be interesting, informative, and entertaining!

Ø      Our exhibit “In Honor of Black History” is continuing indefinitely.  This exhibit features “a touch of Africa,” a section featuring a sample of Dorothy Harper Jones’, Assistant Provost of the Department of Social Work at Michigan State University, collection of African art, clothing, and fabrics.  Also in the exhibit are highlights of African American Michigan women who have played important roles in the fight for civil rights and against racism, sexism, and inequality.

Ø      Visit the Hall of Fame to see many of the numerous African American women who have been inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.  These honorees include:

Catherine Carter Blackwell – A pioneer in the field of African American Studies

Cora Mae Brown – The first African American women elected to the Michigan Senate in 1952; in 1953 became the first woman President of the Senate

Alexa Canady – The first and youngest African American neurosurgeon in the United States

Rosa Parks – Called the “Mother” of the modern civil rights movement, helped to spur on the civil rights movement when she refused to move to the rear of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955

Marjorie Peebles-Meyers – The first African American woman to gradate from the Medical School of Wayne State University; served as Chief Physician at the Ford Motor Company until 1985

Sharon E. Sutton, PhD – While a professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, Sutton became the first African American woman to be promoted to full professorship in architecture in the US and the second African American woman to advance to a fellowship in the American Institute of Architects; founded and coordinates the Urban Network, an outreach program for youth

Ø       The Gift Shop has several books by and about African American women and African American history.

Famous African American Women Paper Dolls, Tom Tierney

The Story of the Underground Railroad, Peter F. Copeland

100 African Americans Who Shaped History

Glorying in Tribulation: The Lifework of Sojourner Truth, Erlene Stetson and Linda David

Hathaway, Prudence Burns Burrell

“Black Women in the Middle West: The Michigan Experience,” Darlene Clark Hine

From the American Girl Collection, Happy Birthday Addy, Addy Learns a Lesson, and Addy’s Paper Dolls


Fun with Paper


The Work of Ellen Sprouls


February 2, 2002March 5, 2002


Ellen Sprouls, artist and Executive Director of Impression 5 Museum, will be displaying her unique blend of photography and dyed paper.  This truly unique concept of art promises to be a terrific exhibition.




“The Century of Women”


Through April 14, 2002


“The Century of Women” is an overview of the progress of Michigan women in the 20th century.  Each section provides milestones for every decade and for major topics such as The First Feminists, The Achievement of the Right to Vote, Violence Against Women, and Women’s History.  Over 100 photographs were chosen to give a sense of the accomplishments of women and the work of women’s organizations.




“From Suffrage Through Today”


Continuing indefinitely...


This exhibit features Michigan women’s contributions and achievements through historical events.  It takes the viewer on a journey through time and the issues facing women throughout the century.


Fun with Paper

Paper Dyeing Workshop

Saturday February 23, 2002

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Ellen Sprouls will be providing an opportunity to learn the techniques used in her unique art of paper dyeing.  Learn to make a variety of colors and textures, create your own style of dyed paper, and discover the artist in you.  This is a great event for the entire family.  Free.