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Martha Griffiths. C-SPAN. 56:00.
Martha Griffiths speaks about women and minority issues, as well as suffrage issues. She answers open questions from the audience as well.

History of Nursing & the Women's Movement. Dr. Peggy Kahn. ©1992 Lansing Community College, 1:30:00.
Dr. Peggy Kahn speaks about how nursing and women's work have been similar which covers such issues as history of nursing and women's work, the role of nurses, revaluing women's work as well as claiming nursing achievements as women's achievements.

A World of Difference. Helen Thomas. ©Post Newsweek Stations, 1987, 49:07.
Thomas gives a brief history of her career, her views on various current issues, advice to Wayne State Students, her personal history, education and then opens her lecture to questions from the audience.