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Living History



A Living History

Quality oral history interviews with

Michigan Women's Hall of Fame Honorees

Produced by the Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame.
Dorothy Haener, Sue Carter. Regina Benjamin Steiger,
©10/17/90 Property of Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, 34:54.
Interview with Haener about her life as a pioneer in
the labor movement and her fight for equality for
women and minorities. 90.27.

Fran Harris, Sue Carter. Gladys Beckwith. ©1989 Property of Michigan
Women's Hall of Fame, 39:45.
Interview with Fran Harris and her experience as a pioneer in broadcasting.

Mildred Jeffrey, Sue Carter. Regina Benjamin Steiger. ©10/17/90

Property of Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, 33:26.
Interview with Jeffrey about her experience as a labor
and women's rights activist as well as her involvement
in the struggle for human rights.

M. Jane Kay, Sue Carter. ©Property of Michigan Women's Hallof Fame, 44:27.
Interview with Kay, Vice President of Administration
for Detroit Edison. Topics discussed include her personal history,equality in the work force, and her philosophy at work.

Olga Madar, Sue Carter. 30:22.
Madar speaks about the UAW, minorities, women's issues, and recreation.

Dr. Marjorie Peebles Meyers, Sue Carter. Gary Donley. ©Property of Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, 33:33.
Interview with Meyers, a pioneer woman physician.