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Misc. Interviews



Miscellaneous Interviews

60 Minutes Interview with Helen Thomas. Helen Thomas, Ed Bradley. 14:51.
Interview with Helen Thomas, Dean of the White House Press Corps, and an overview of her life as a reporter.

Emily Helen Butterfield. Kay Briggs, Ruth Mueleman, Jane Graff. ©1991 City of Farmington Hills, 26:46.
Interview between Briggs, Muelman, and Graff about Butterfield's contributions and her artistic talents. Interview shows selected works by Butterfield.

An Interview With Mildred Jeffrey, Political Activist. Mildred Jeffrey, Tom Downs. LTS Productions, Okemos, MI. ©1995 LTS Productions, 1:24:56.
Activist Mildred Jeffrey speaks about her UAW involvement, the Union and women's issues in the workplace. 96.01.

A Talk With Genora Johnson Dollinger: A Founder of Industrial Unionism. Genora Johnson Dollinger, Katheryn Kish Sklar. © Katheryn Sklar 1987, 45:59.
Focuses on Dollinger's role in the Flint sit-down strike which established the United Automobile Workers.

WMU Forum #711: Carolyn Bartlett Crane. O'Ryan Rickard, Linda Rynbrandt, Dr. Ron Kramer. Harvey Stewart. ©Western Michigan University 1994, 29:09.
Rickard and Rynbrandt share their knowledge on Carolyn Bartlett Crane, a sociologist involved in women and progressive social reform.